[ trav-uh-stee ]
/ 藞tr忙v 蓹 sti /
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noun, plural trav路es路ties.
a grotesque or debased likeness or imitation: a travesty of justice.
a literary or artistic burlesque of a serious work or subject, characterized by grotesque or ludicrous incongruity of style, treatment, or subject matter.
a literary or artistic composition so inferior in quality as to be merely a grotesque imitation of its model.
verb (used with object), trav路es路tied, trav路es路ty路ing.
to make a travesty on; turn (a serious work or subject) to ridicule by burlesquing.
to imitate grotesquely or absurdly.
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Origin of travesty

1655鈥65; <French travesti, past participle of travestir 鈥渢o disguise鈥 <Italian travestire, equivalent to tra- (<Latin tr膩ns- trans-) + vestire 鈥渢o clothe鈥 <Latin vest墨re; see vest

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2. See burlesque.


un路trav路es路tied, adjective
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What does travesty mean?

A travesty is something that imitates something else but in a gross or ridiculous manner.

A travesty is also a literary or other artistic work that is a grotesque example of the art form it models.

To travesty means to imitate absurdly or to parody a serious artwork.

Example: The movie was an absolute travesty of the events that actually took place.

Where does travesty come from?

The first records of the term travesty come from around 1655. It ultimately comes from the Italian travestire, meaning 鈥渢o disguise鈥 or 鈥渢o change dress.鈥 A travesty almost always describes something as being a fake or bad imitation.

A travesty is an imitation of a work of art, but it can also describe the imitation of other things, such as a ritual, event, or historical speech or action. Often, travesty is used to describe something that is not necessarily a direct imitation. For example, when someone believes that a song is not good, they may say that it is a travesty to the genre, meaning 鈥渋t hardly represents the genre.鈥

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What are some other forms related to travesty?

  • untravestied (adjective)

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How is travesty used in real life?

Travesty is normally used to refer to something the speaker dislikes.



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With the school principal supporting one of the candidates for student council president, the election was a travesty.

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British Dictionary definitions for travesty

/ (藞tr忙v瑟st瑟) /

noun plural -ties
a farcical or grotesque imitation; mockery; parody
verb -ties, -tying or -tied
(tr) to make or be a travesty of

Word Origin for travesty

C17: from French travesti disguised, from travestir to disguise, from Italian travestire, from tra- trans- + vestire to clothe
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