tread lightly

[ tred lahyt-lee ]


  1. to act or speak with care and tactfulness in order to avoid words or behavior that could be offensive or upsetting to others:

    There are certain issues we have to tread lightly on if we have any hope of helping these kids.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of tread lightly1

First recorded in 1990–95

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Example Sentences

It really set the tone for the second half of Season 5, ending with that great “tread lightly” encounter between Hank and Walt.

The advice given to friends and family worried someone they love is in an abusive relationship is to tread lightly.

Yes, we have to tread lightly with gun regulation: the right to bear arms is constitutionally protected.

He ends that moment as Heisenberg, when he says, “My advice would be to tread lightly.”

The United Supreme Court should tread lightly before striking down laws enacted by our democratically elected officials.

Enter with me, but tread lightly as we ascend the staircase.

Thus Adams advised his Government to tread lightly in respect to democratic agitation in England.

They tread lightly on the green sward from which many little flowers lift their humble heads.

Then upon his ear fell the fierce whisper: "Come with me, and tread lightly as you love your life."

But tread lightly on that grave, it contains precious, because ransomed dust!


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