Treasure Island


  1. (italics) a novel (1883) by R. L. Stevenson.
  2. an artificial island in San Francisco Bay, in W California; naval base.

Treasure Island

  1. (1883) A novel by Robert Louis Stevenson about a young boy, Jim Hawkins, who joins with two men in hiring a ship to search for buried treasure. Among the ship's crew are the pirate Long John Silver and his men, who are after the treasure for themselves. With considerable pluck, and the aid of his friends, Jim foils their plans and gains the treasure.

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Example Sentences

Muppet Treasure Island is a retelling of the classic novel, but with The Muppets.

Treasure Island is a classic pirate tale about Jim Hawkins who encounters Long John Silver on a journey to recover lost pirate treasure.

This adaptation of the classic novel is much more faithful to the novel than Muppet Treasure Island and critics praised it for bringing the novel to life.

Disney did give Treasure Island a sci-fi spin with the animated Treasure Planet, but this version from 1950 is the most beloved by critics.

Still No Soul, pictured above, comes from Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.

He acknowledged various literary forebears, from Ballantyne to Defoe, in the creation of what became Treasure Island.

His wife owns a waterfront condo three hours away in the beach town of Treasure Island near St. Petersburg, Florida.

But he is also an admirer of the author of Treasure Island and Kidnapped, Robert Louis Stevenson.

I have written a paper on Treasure Island, which is to appear shortly.

But how enamoured she was of ‘Treasure Island,’ and how faithful she tried to be to me all the time she was reading it!

Meanwhile Betty ate her tea ravenously, and when it was finished turned on the electric light and read “Treasure Island.”

They were shouting at the Treasure Island guards, who were shouting back, necks corded with veins.

The verdict on “Treasure Island” was reversed in the other court: I wonder, will it be the same with its successor?





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