Treasure Island


(italics) a novel (1883) by R. L. Stevenson.
an artificial island in San Francisco Bay, in W California; naval base.



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Example sentences from the Web for Treasure Island

  • This placed the scene of the wreck on one of the islands in the large group in which we expected to find our treasure-island.

    For Treasure Bound|Harry Collingwood
  • We are all treasure-seekers set on a treasure-island in a boundless sea.

    Once Aboard The Lugger|Arthur Stuart-Menteth Hutchinson
  • I did so; and was on my way in her to my treasure-island, when the gale sprung up which has reduced me to my present condition.

    For Treasure Bound|Harry Collingwood

Cultural definitions for Treasure Island

Treasure Island

(1883) A novel by Robert Louis Stevenson about a young boy, Jim Hawkins, who joins with two men in hiring a ship to search for buried treasure. Among the ship's crew are the pirate Long John Silver and his men, who are after the treasure for themselves. With considerable pluck, and the aid of his friends, Jim foils their plans and gains the treasure.

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