[ treb-uhl ]
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  1. threefold; triple.

  2. Music.

    • of or relating to the highest part in harmonized music; soprano.

    • of the highest pitch or range, as a voice part, voice, singer, or instrument.

    • high in pitch; shrill.

  1. Music.

    • the treble or soprano part.

    • a treble voice, singer, or instrument.

  2. a high or shrill voice or sound.

  1. the highest-pitched peal of a bell.

verb (used with or without object),tre·bled, tre·bling.
  1. to make or become three times as much or as many; triple.

Origin of treble

1275–1325; (adj. and noun) Middle English <Middle French <Latin triplustriple; (v.) Middle English treblen, derivative of the adj.

Other words from treble

  • tre·bly [treb-lee], /ˈtrɛb li/, adverb

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How to use treble in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for treble


/ (ˈtrɛbəl) /

  1. threefold; triple

  2. of, relating to, or denoting a soprano voice or part or a high-pitched instrument

  1. three times the amount, size, etc

  2. a soprano voice or part or a high-pitched instrument

  1. the highest register of a musical instrument

    • the high-frequency response of an audio amplifier, esp in a record player or tape recorder

    • a control knob on such an instrument by means of which the high-frequency gain can be increased or decreased

  2. bell-ringing the lightest and highest bell in a ring

    • the narrow inner ring on a dartboard

    • a hit on this ring

  1. to make or become three times as much

Origin of treble

C14: from Old French, from Latin triplus threefold, triple

Derived forms of treble

  • trebleness, noun
  • trebly, adverb, adjective

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