[ tree-top ]


  1. the top tops or uppermost branches of a tree.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of treetop1

First recorded in 1520–30; tree + top 1

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Example Sentences

Nicknamed the “real-life Lorax” by National Geographic and “Einstein of the treetops” by The Wall Street Journal, Lowman pioneered the science of canopy ecology.

The treetops lit up and little by little the immense forest in front of me reappeared.

As a deep blue dusk started nesting in the treetops, their upper boughs started to shimmer and hiss with rising wind.

A mass of strange ferns grips a trunk high among the treetops.

A stressful life in the treetops — far from the soil — may have helped the ferns’ evolve eusocial traits, Burns says.

They explored the entire tree, climbing everywhere on the branches, then commenced racing and playing through the treetop.

The squirrel dropped his cone and scampered up into the treetop without a chirp.

In the gathering shadows a robin called plaintively from a treetop some distance away.

As the air was not stirring, I felt that he had not, and probably would not, scent me in the treetop perch.

Again, a number of these tissue bits came fluttering and whirling lightly down out of the fire-killed treetop.





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