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/ ˈtrɛmbəlz /


  1. Also calledmilk sickness a disease of cattle and sheep characterized by muscular incoordination and tremor, caused by ingestion of white snakeroot or rayless goldenrod
  2. a nontechnical name for Parkinson's disease

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Example Sentences

She looks sideways as the monster speaker booms and trembles and young men dance toward her.

Curled into a fetal position on an outdoor, candle-lit matt in Costa Rica, the 18-year-old trembles in fear.

Dench trembles whilst uttering the words, “out damned spots!”

Though your house trembles in all its timbers and shakes upon its keel, you think yourself a sailor cradled by a zephyr.

Thus the sea, in the fire of her passion, trembles at the near approach of her union with the tempest.

He describes the storm sweeping over the white-crested mountains till the earth, like a hoary king, trembles with fear.

Remark the shepherd, M. le Vicomte,” he said; “he sees the wolves prowling, and trembles for his lambs.

The queen trembles with rapture at the anticipated sign--it is held out--she approaches--touches--triumphs--and lives!





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