/ (ˈtrɛntʃɪz) /

pl n
  1. a system of excavations used for the protection of troops, esp those (the Trenches) used at the front line in World War I

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How to use trenches in a sentence

  • By bad luck d'Amade was away, up in the front trenches, and I could not well deliver myself to des Coigns.

  • He insists on my going round the French trenches and sent a capitaine de la Fontaine along with me.

  • By the time we had passed along the whole of the French second line and part of their front line trenches, I had had about enough.

  • The shells came from Asia and Achi Baba:—in a fiery shower, they fell upon the lines of our front trenches.

  • Again visited Headquarters 29th Division, and afterwards walked through the trenches of the 87th Brigade.