Triangulum Australe

[ trahy-ang-gyuh-luh m aw-strey-lee ]
/ traɪˈæŋ gyə ləm ɔˈstreɪ li /

noun, genitive Tri·an·gu·li Aus·tra·lis [trahy-ang-gyuh-lahy aw-strey-lis] /traɪˈæŋ gyəˌlaɪ ɔˈstreɪ lɪs/. Astronomy.

the Southern Triangle, a southern constellation between Pavo and Circinus.


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Origin of Triangulum Australe

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British Dictionary definitions for triangulum australe

Triangulum Australe
/ (ɒˈstreɪlɪ) /

noun Latin genitive Trianguli Australis (ɒˈstreɪlɪs)

a small bright triangular constellation in the S hemisphere, lying between Ara and the Southern Cross, that contains an open star cluster

Word Origin for Triangulum Australe

New Latin: southern triangle
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