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noun, plural tri·chi·nae [trih-kahy-nee] /trɪˈkaɪ ni/.
  1. a nematode, Trichinella spiralis, the adults of which live in the intestine and produce larvae that encyst in the muscle tissue, especially in pigs, rats, and humans.
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Origin of trichina

1825–35; < New Latin < Greek tríchina, noun use of feminine of tríchinos of hair. See trich-, -ine1
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Historical Examples

  • In the pig, the trichina, if present, may always be found in the muscles of the eye.

    Cooley's Practical Receipts, Volume II

    Arnold Cooley

  • Some species are of microscopic size; as the Trichina worm, which is about 1/20 in.

  • The Trichina is a nematode worm, and not an insect, as it was at first called.

  • Nearly 50,000 Trichina were counted in an infected leg of pork (Rupprecht).


    T. Spencer Cobbold

  • The trichina capsules commonly measure about one-fifth of a line long, and the coiled worm within is scarcely a half-line long.

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noun plural -nae (-niː)
  1. a parasitic nematode worm, Trichinella spiralis, occurring in the intestines of pigs, rats, and man and producing larvae that form cysts in skeletal muscle
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Word Origin

C19: from New Latin, from Greek trikhinos relating to hair, from thrix a hair
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trichina in Medicine


n. pl. tri•chi•nae (-nē)
  1. A small, slender parasitic nematode (Trichinella spiralis) that infests the intestines of various mammals and whose larvae move through the bloodstream, becoming encysted in muscles.
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