[ trik-uh-jahyn, -jin ]

nounBotany, Mycology.
  1. a hairlike prolongation of a carpogonium, serving as a receptive organ for the spermatium.

Origin of trichogyne

First recorded in 1870–75; tricho- + -gyne, from Greek gynḗ “woman”; see gyneco-

Other words from trichogyne

  • trich·o·gyn·i·al [trik-uh-jin-ee-uhl], /ˌtrɪk əˈdʒɪn i əl/, trich·o·gyn·ic, adjective

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How to use trichogyne in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for trichogyne


/ (ˈtrɪkəˌdʒaɪn, -dʒɪn) /

  1. a hairlike projection of the female reproductive organs of certain algae, fungi, and lichens, which receives the male gametes before fertilization takes place

Origin of trichogyne

C19: from tricho- + Greek gunē woman

Derived forms of trichogyne

  • trichogynial or trichogynic, adjective

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Scientific definitions for trichogyne


[ trĭkə-jīn′, -gīn′ ]

  1. A hairlike terminal process forming the receptive part of the female reproductive structure (called the gametangium) in red algae and certain ascomycete and basidiomycete fungi. Male gametes attach themselves to the trichogyne.

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