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noun Informal.
  1. trigonometry.
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Origin of trig1

by shortening


adjective Chiefly British.
  1. neat, trim, smart, or spruce.
  2. in good physical condition; sound; well.
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verb (used with object), trigged, trig·ging.
  1. Chiefly British Dialect. to make trim, smart, etc. (often followed by up or out).
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Origin of trig2

1150–1200 for earlier sense; 1505–15 for def 1; Middle English trigg true, trusty < Old Norse tryggr loyal, safe; cognate with Gothic triggws true, faithful. See true
Related formstrig·ness, noun


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verb (used with object), trigged, trig·ging. Dialect.
  1. to support or prop, as with a wedge.
  2. to act as a check on (the moving of wheels, vehicles, etc.).
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  1. a wedge or block used to prevent a wheel, cask, or the like, from rolling.
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Origin of trig3

First recorded in 1585–95, trig is from the Old Norse word tryggja to make fast, secure


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Historical Examples

  • The schooner was as newly painted and trig as if fresh from the ways.

  • Smithers is an ass with the theodolite, and Hedger's 'trig' is rotten.

    A Lively Bit of the Front

    Percy F. Westerman

  • But, under the cool, keen regard of the trig maid, of course he upset the milk.

    The Quest

    Frederik van Eeden

  • Jane was a trig, neat body; small, as the coast girls often are—I wonder why?

    A Singular Life

    Elizabeth Stuart Phelps

  • Is it possible that I once agonized over this trig little man?

British Dictionary definitions for trig


  1. neat or spruce
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verb trigs, trigging or trigged
  1. to make or become trim or spruce
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Derived Formstrigly, adverbtrigness, noun

Word Origin

C12 (originally: trusty): of Scandinavian origin; related to Old Norse tryggr true


  1. a wedge or prop
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verb trigs, trigging or trigged (tr)
  1. to block or stop
  2. to prop or support
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Word Origin

C16: probably of Scandinavian origin; compare Old Norse tryggja to make secure; see trig 1


abbreviation for
  1. trigonometrical
  2. trigonometry
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Word Origin and History for trig


"smart, trim," c.1200, from Old Norse tryggr "firm, trusty, true" (see true (adj.)). A Scottish and northern word only until 19c.

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