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[ trig-erd ]


  1. started, set in motion, or released by a specified thing or in a specified way:

    I saw an article online about obesity-triggered heart disease.

    When any of the cameras detects a motion, the LCD screen displays live video from the triggered camera.

  2. fired or exploded by pulling a trigger or releasing a triggering device:

    One of the triggered missiles blew up in the second level of the building, injuring three people.

  3. having an intense negative emotional reaction to something, usually something connected with past trauma or a bad experience:

    When a stressful social encounter makes me feel triggered and panicky, I try to distance myself from the situation.

    Consider using a triggered state, such as anger or anxiety, as a signal to yourself to pause and relax.


  1. the simple past tense and past participle of trigger.

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  • un·trig·gered adjective

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Example Sentences

The clearest trigger would appear to be the World Health Organization declaring another pandemic, but “the WHO definition doesn’t work for everyone,” said the fourth agency executive.

From Digiday

Despite nothing but false alarms so far, we treated every trigger with dead seriousness.

If your dog isn’t well-trained yet, it’s important that you understand their triggers and how much they can handle stimulus-wise.

It’s part of a broader category of caloric effects, in which some external trigger — a force, pressure, a magnetic or electric field — induces a change in a material’s temperature.

You can help your customer focus on the end-users’ search habits by describing why it doesn’t make sense to improve visibility for queries that are navigational keywords and trigger site links.

But on Thursday Boxer triggered a Golden State political earthquake, announcing that she would not seek a fifth term in 2016.

The Big Five banks dubbed too big to fail, are 35 percent bigger than they were when the meltdown was triggered.

No alarms were triggered as she strolled out of the Giant supermarket in Limerick, Pennsylvania, and nobody thought otherwise.

The Daily Beast: What triggered you to take up this initiative?

In defiance, I held my ticket above my head, which triggered the spitting and chants of “How Dare You!”

For he knew who had triggered those three today, who the Chi torpedo the cops wanted was.

Today as I brushed up against him, I triggered my arphid cloner, which was already loaded in the pocket of my leather jacket.

No kidding, is that how those rats triggered off all these quakes?

At this juncture the triggered bell rang loudly, and raising his hand for silence Ringentaub returned to the store.

You turned me in back there because they don't give, citizenship to women and so your de-conditioning didn't get triggered off.





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