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trip up

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Make or cause someone to make a mistake, as in The other finalist tripped up when he was asked to spell “trireme,” or They tripped him up with that difficult question . [Second half of 1700s]

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Example Sentences

They spent their last few hundred dollars on a trip up to New York City, obtaining donor commitments that kept them alive.

Reverend Graham drew the meeting to a close by earnestly thanking the president for making the trip up the mountain.

I think the most unique experience at Highlands—maybe at all of Aspen—is a trip up to Highlands Bowl.

Apparently there were concerns Prince Harry might trip up and hurt himself next time.

Or it can be an up-close lesson in the kind of self-absorption and political ego that can trip up some in Washington.

The Comet started on her first trip up the Arkansas, being the first steam boat that ascended that river.

Here is one, to begin with, which will show once more how difficult it is to trip up a Scotchman.

It was late in the night, and the "Restless" was making her third trip up the river before anything happened.

Warner was at that moment undertaking his charmingly remembered trip up the Nile.

The exhausted rowers were lifted on board amid renewed cheering, and the trip up the river began.


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