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noun, plural tri·plic·i·ties.
  1. the quality or state of being triple; threefold character or condition.
  2. a group or combination of three; triad.
  3. Astrology. the division of the signs of the zodiac into four groups of three signs each, the fire signs, the earth signs, the air signs, and the water signs, with each sign separated from others within the group by 120 degrees of the ecliptic.Compare element(def 12).
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Origin of triplicity

1350–1400; Middle English triplicite < Late Latin triplicitās threefold state. See triplex, -ity
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Historical Examples

  • By the triplicity he signified Ralegh, Cobham, and Northumberland.

    Sir Walter Ralegh

    William Stebbing

  • If he should be placed in any of the signs allowed him for his Triplicity, he is allowed three dignities.

  • A Triplicity is a combination of three signs in the form of a triangle, each 120 apart.

  • We have already noticed the triplicity, in some instances, of Norman chancel arches.

  • In this statement this master agrees with the philosophers who give a triplicity of essential principles as the base of ontology.

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noun plural -ties
  1. a group of three things
  2. the state of being three
  3. astrology any of four groups, earth, air, fire, and water, each consisting of three signs of the zodiac that are thought to have something in common in their nature
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Word Origin

C14: from Late Latin triplicitās, from Latin triplex threefold; see triplex
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