/ (trəʊt) /

  1. (intr) (of a rutting buck) to call or bellow

Origin of troat

C17: probably related to Old French trout, trut, a cry used by hunters to urge on the dogs

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How to use troat in a sentence

  • I do nod know any nah-ice gondolier—zey are oal—I dell you, if you lif viz zem ade mons as me, you cot your troat—yes!

  • I try for speak, but my troat stop up, as if you was plug him wid piece of plantain.

  • "'Cos, when my troat was sore I was always breaving out loud like that," said Roger sympathisingly.

    Two Little Waifs | Mrs. Molesworth
  • My plood vas chilling now so I ain't aple to svallow in my troat alretty.

    Ted Strong in Montana | Edward C. Taylor
  • In one of the lines I have quoted there occurs the word "troat."

    Thackeray | Anthony Trollope