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tropical storm


, Meteorology.
  1. a tropical cyclone of less than hurricane force.

tropical storm

  1. A tropical cyclone having sustained surface winds between 39 and 73 mi (63 and 118 km) per hour.
  2. See Note at cyclone

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Word History and Origins

Origin of tropical storm1

First recorded in 1940–45

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Example Sentences

Rapidly strengthening on Friday afternoon, Ida was upgraded to a hurricane from a tropical storm by the National Hurricane Center.

On the sweaty Saturday back in August when I visited the Shack, a tropical storm tore through Staunton and damaged several local restaurants.

From Eater

The Atlantic had so many hurricanes, meteorologists ran out of tropical storm names for only the second time.

From Quartz

More than 23 million people are currently under some kind of hurricane or tropical storm advisory.

This hurricane season is living up to the projection that this would be one of the worst years on record, which should come as no surprise given that we know the climate crisis is worsening tropical storms.

A tropical storm, clearly visible on radar for days, is to blame.

As I ended my call with Mooney, he was monitoring tropical storm Gonzalo as it was developing into a classified hurricane.

This weatherman gets a little aroused... er, excited to predict the path of a tropical storm.

In 2004, another election year, Florida was hit with four hurricanes and a tropical storm between August and September.

The major cities on the East Coast now have a 40-50% probability of experiencing tropical-storm-force winds.

The same strange tenseness that precedes a tropical storm, an atmosphere of impending conflict, seemed to hang over them.

On most days it looked impending over us like a tropical storm cloud, ready to dissolve in rain and ruin.

He had scarcely reached the beach when a tropical storm swept across the waters.

The fifth day after parting from the brig we encountered a tropical storm.

Barty was obliged to shout himself, just as he had been obliged to shout in the tropical storm.


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