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/ trʌmps /

plural noun

  1. sometimes singular cards any one of the four suits, decided by cutting or bidding, that outranks all the other suits for the duration of a deal or game
  2. turn up trumps
    (of a person) to bring about a happy or successful conclusion (to an event, problem, etc), esp unexpectedly

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Example Sentences

“Light trumps darkness, hope beats despair, grace wins over sin, love defeats hate, life conquers death,” the cardinal said.

Postol may insist that her expertise trumps her problematic statements.

To be fair, though, Pratt does have one talent that trumps us all.

Svein: I think sometimes the simplest explanation trumps it all.

Ranging from mildly offensive to potentially catastrophic, they all point to the same underlying theme: technology trumps decency.

From this point Mr Dean began to pump and squeeze, and Trumps proved worthy of his name in the way he submitted to both processes.

An established black suit of six or more cards with a guarded king as card of entry is good enough for no trumps.

The minimum strength to justify the declaration is generally five trumps, but it may have been made on six.

Sometimes (especially in no-trumps) it is the better play to make the weak hand third player.

If suits are equal in both length and strength, the one in which the trick has the higher value must be trumps.


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