trunk hose

noun(used with a plural verb)
  1. full, baglike breeches covering the body from the waist to the middle of the thigh or lower, sometimes having the stockings attached in one piece, worn by men in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Origin of trunk hose

First recorded in 1615–25

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How to use trunk hose in a sentence

  • The headwaiter, clad in the long waistcoat and full trunk-hose of the late Seventeenth Century, bowed punctiliously.

    The Penal Cluster | Ivar Jorgensen (AKA Randall Garrett)
  • He also wears full trunk hose reaching to the knees, tight stockings, and a small, flat cap with feathers.

  • trunk hose were stuffed with wool, rags or bran, and were made very large.

  • The doublet had a long waist, and both it and the trunk hose were heavily slashed.

  • They had put on foresters' clothes of green cloth, with long tunics and green trunk hose.

    Robin Hood | Paul Creswick

British Dictionary definitions for trunk hose

trunk hose

  1. a man's puffed-out breeches reaching to the thighs and worn with tights in the 16th century

Origin of trunk hose

C17: of uncertain origin; perhaps from the obsolete trunk to truncate

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