truth serum

[ trooth seer-uh m ]
/ ˈtruθ ˌsɪər əm /


a drug, as the barbiturate thiopental, that induces in the subject a desire to talk or a state of heightened suggestibility, used in psychotherapy and in interrogation to discover repressed or consciously withheld information.
Often truth drug [trooth druhg] /ˈtruθ ˌdrʌg/.
Compare narcoanalysis.

Origin of truth serum

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British Dictionary definitions for truth drug

truth drug

truth serum


informal any of various drugs supposed to have the property of making people tell the truth, as by relaxing them
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Medical definitions for truth drug

truth serum
[ trōōth ]


Any of various hypnotic or anesthetic drugs, such as scopolamine or thiopental sodium, used to induce a subject under questioning to talk without inhibition.
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