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try out


  1. tr to test or put to experimental use

    I'm going to try the new car out

  2. whenintr, usually foll by for (of an athlete, actor, etc) to undergo a test or to submit (an athlete, actor, etc) to a test to determine suitability for a place in a team, an acting role, etc


  1. a trial or test, as of an athlete or actor
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Example Sentences

It'll only buzz during "coaching" sessions that users voluntarily try out to help them build a habit of good posture.

Fashion icons still to this day use the sands to try out new styles.

In 1963, author George Plimpton attempted to try out for the Detroit Lions as a third-string quarterback.

You (or someone in your crew) will want to try out the ice-skating rink at Rockefeller Center.

Be sure to try out several instructors before settling on one (or more) to frequent.

I rather wanted to try out my theory to see if I had become an adept in dodging into the bedroom.

"I've helped to 'try out' one hundred and fifty bar'ls from one whale," said the mincer.

They kept the date of the try-out to themselves until the last to prevent the Sans from fixing things for their freshman friends.

Wont you and Miss Harding please enter the lists again, when we have the new try-out?

Miss Reid determined, therefore, to resign, but without appointing a time for a new try-out.


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