[ trahy-wurks ]

plural noun
  1. (in whaling) a furnace in which a kettle (try-pot ) is placed for rendering blubber.

Origin of tryworks

1785–95; try + works (in the sense “manufacturing establishment”)

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How to use tryworks in a sentence

  • There was a group of men by the tryworks; and Dan'l strolled that way.

    The Sea Bride | Ben Ames Williams
  • For the rest, the convention of the deck kept Brander forward of the tryworks; and Faith never went forward.

    The Sea Bride | Ben Ames Williams
  • He saw her before she saw him, saw her face illumined by the light of the flare in the rigging above the tryworks.

    The Sea Bride | Ben Ames Williams
  • The wind now began to blow steadily from the nor'-west; but not so hard as to stop our tryworks for more than an hour.

    Fighting the Whales | R. M. Ballantyne