tsutsugamushi disease

[ tsoo-tsuh-guh-moo-shee, tsoo- ]
/ ˈtsu tsə gəˈmu ʃi, ˌtsu- /

noun Pathology.

Origin of tsutsugamushi disease

< Japanese tsutsuga-mushi typhus mite, equivalent to tsutsuga hindrance, ailment (earlier tutu(n)ga, derivative of tutumi to hinder, with ka place) + mushi vermin
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British Dictionary definitions for tsutsugamushi disease

tsutsugamushi disease

/ (ˌtsʊtsʊɡəˈmʊʃɪ) /


one of the five major groups of acute infectious rickettsial diseases affecting man, common in Asia and including scrub typhus. It is caused by the microorganism Rickettsia tsutsugamushi, transmitted by the bite of mites
another name for scrub typhus

Word Origin for tsutsugamushi disease

from Japanese, from tsutsuga disease + mushi insect
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Medicine definitions for tsutsugamushi disease

tsutsugamushi disease

[ tsōō′tsə-gə-mōōshē ]


scrub typhus
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