tu quoque

[ too kwoh-kwe; English too kwoh-kwee, -kwey, tyoo ]
/ tu ˈkwoʊ kwɛ; English tu ˈkwoʊ kwi, -kweɪ, tyu /


thou too: a retort by one charged with a crime accusing an opponent who has brought the charges of a similar crime.

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Examples from the Web for tu quoque

  • This accounts for the force of example, and the frequency of the tu-quoque style of argument.

    Mark Gildersleeve|John S. Sauzade
  • You waste your time in hurling a common 'tu-quoque' at one who hugs the worst.

British Dictionary definitions for tu quoque

tu quoque

/ Latin (tjuː ˈkwəʊkwɪ) /


you likewise: a retort made by a person accused of a crime implying that the accuser is also guilty of the same crime
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Word Origin and History for tu quoque

tu quoque

Latin, literally "thou also" (or, in modern slang, "so are you!"); an argument which consists in retorting accusations.

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