(in Malay-speaking countries) sir; lord: a form of address used as a mark of respect

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a flying phalanger, Phascogale tapoatafa, of Australia. It is about the size of a rat, bluish grey in colour, brush-tailed, arboreal, and nocturnalAlso called: wambenger, brush-tailed phascogale, phascogale

Word Origin for tuan

C19: from a native Australian language
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Historical Examples of tuan

  • Would the Tuan Besar be so good as to tell them how to make the big prahu steer?

    The Monster Men

    Edgar Rice Burroughs

  • But you are brave, you are strong—you are a man; and, Tuan—I am older than you—you are in her hand.

  • "We know each other, Tuan Abdulla," he said, with an assumption of easy indifference.

  • Tell me, Tuan, do you think the big trees know the name of the ruler?

  • He had the gun you had given him, Tuan, before you went away, but there was only a handful of powder.

    Tales of Unrest

    Joseph Conrad