[too-ber-uh s, tyoo-]
  1. characterized by the presence of rounded or wartlike prominences or tubers.
  2. of the nature of such a prominence.
  3. Botany. bearing tubers.
  4. having the nature of or resembling a tuber.
Also tuberose.

Origin of tuberous

First recorded in 1640–50, tuberous is from the Latin word tūberōsus knobby. See tuber1, -ous
Related formssem·i·tu·ber·ous, adjective Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

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tuberose (ˈtjuːbəˌrəʊs)

  1. (of plants or their parts) forming, bearing, or resembling a tuber or tubersa tuberous root
  2. anatomy of, relating to, or having warty protuberances or tubers

Word Origin for tuberous

C17: from Latin tūberōsus full of knobs; see tuber
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tuberous in Medicine


  1. Producing or bearing tubers.
  2. Being or resembling a knot; nodular; lumpy.
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