[tuhb-muh n]
noun, plural tub·men. Old English Law.
  1. a barrister in the Court of Exchequer who had precedence in motions over every other barrister except the postman.
Compare postman2.

Origin of tubman

First recorded in 1635–45; tub + -man


[tuhb-muh n]
  1. HarrietAraminta, 1820?–1913, U.S. abolitionist: escaped slave and leader of the Underground Railroad; served as a Union scout during Civil War.
  2. William Va·can·a·rat Shadrach [vuh-kan-uh-rat] /vəˈkæn əˌræt/, 1895–1971, president of Liberia 1944–71.
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  1. William Vacanarat Shadrach (vəˈkænəˌræt ˈʃædræk). 1895–1971, Liberian statesman; president of Liberia (1944–71)
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