[ too-kan-uh, -kah-nuh, -key-, tyoo- ]
/ tuˈkæn ə, -ˈkɑ nə, -ˈkeɪ-, tyu- /

noun, genitive Tu·can·ae [too-kan-ee, -kah-nee, -key- tyoo-,] /tuˈkæn i, -ˈkɑ ni, -ˈkeɪ- tyu-,/. Astronomy.

the Toucan, a southern constellation between Octans and Phoenix.

Origin of Tucana

< New Latin: toucan
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  • In Tucana is located one of the finest globular star clusters in the heavens, known as 47 Tucan.

    Astronomy for Young Folks|Isabel Martin Lewis

British Dictionary definitions for tucana


/ (tuːˈkɑːnə) /

noun Latin genitive Tucanae (tuːˈkɑːniː)

a faint extensive constellation in the S hemisphere close to Hydrus and Eridanus, containing most of the Small Magellanic Cloud

Word Origin for Tucana

probably from Tupi: toucan
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