tuck away

verb(tr, adverb) informal
  1. to eat (a large amount of food)

  2. to store, esp in a place difficult to find

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How to use tuck away in a sentence

  • After so many years, he had been able to tuck away the emotional scars of physical abuse.

  • I did not object to his using these, but when he attempted to tuck away some choice thing between my lips I rebelled.

    In Nesting Time | Olive Thorne Miller
  • They're perfectly harmless, and it's jolly to watch them tuck away walnut leaves.

    The Danger Mark | Robert W. Chambers
  • And now let all hands tuck away under the rail, all but one man to go aloft and look out for a small white sloop.

    Sonnie-Boy's People | James B. Connolly
  • There was not even a book for her to replace, or a plaque to tuck away.

    The Silver Poppy | Arthur Stringer
  • Ote firmly believed that Learning was the most valuable Asset that a Man could tuck away.

    People You Know | George Ade

Other Idioms and Phrases with tuck away

tuck away

Eat heartily, as in He tucked away an enormous steak. [Colloquial; mid-1800s] Also see tuck into.

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