Also called Indian bread. the edible, underground sclerotium of the fungus Poria cocos, found on the roots of trees in the southern United States.
(usually initial capital letter) a Virginian, especially one inhabiting the lowland E of the Blue Ridge.

Origin of tuckahoe

1605–15, Americanism; earlier applied to various roots and underground fungi < Virginia Algonquian (E spelling) tockwhogh, tockawhoughe, taccaho arrow arum root (used for bread), derivative of Proto-Algonquian *takwah- to pound (it) fine, reduce (it) to flour; compare Shawnee takhwa bread
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edible plant root, 1610s, American English, from Powhatan (Algonquian) tockawhoughe (cf. Mohegan tquogh, Shawnee tukwhah), perhaps related to Cree (Algonquian) pitikwaw "made round."

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