[ too-koh-too-koh ]

noun,plural tu·co-tu·cos.
  1. any of several burrowing rodents of the genus Ctenomys, of South America, resembling the pocket gopher.

Origin of tuco-tuco

First recorded in 1835–45; from Latin American Spanish tucotuco, imitative of its cry

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British Dictionary definitions for tucotuco


tucutucu (ˌtuːkuːˈtuːkuː)

/ (ˌtuːkəʊˈtuːkəʊ) /

  1. any of various colonial burrowing South American hystricomorph rodents of the genus Ctenomys, having long-clawed feet and a stocky body: family Ctenomyidae

Origin of tucotuco

C19: of South American Indian origin

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