[ tood, tyood ]
/ tud, tyud /

noun Slang.

an arrogant attitude.

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Origin of 'tude

short for attitude


a suffix appearing in abstract nouns (generally formed from Latin adjectives or participles) of Latin origin (latitude; altitude); on this model, used in the formation of new nouns: platitude.

Origin of -tude

< Latin -tūdō (> French -tude)

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suffix forming nouns

indicating state or conditionplenitude

Word Origin for -tude

from Latin -tūdō

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Word Origin and History for tude


syllable formed when the word-forming element -ude, forming abstract nouns from adjectives and participles, is fixed to a base or to another suffix ending in -t or -te; from French -ude, from Latin -udo (genitive -udinis). As a word in its own right, teenager slang shortening of attitude, it dates from 1970s.

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