[ too-myuh-luh s, tyoo- ]
/ ˈtu myə ləs, ˈtyu- /

noun, plural tu·mu·lus·es, tu·mu·li [too-myuh-lahy, tyoo-] /ˈtu myəˌlaɪ, ˈtyu-/.

Archaeology. an artificial mound, especially over a grave; barrow.
Geology. a domelike swelling or mound formed in congealed lava.

Origin of tumulus

1680–90; < Latin: mound, swelling, equivalent to tum(ēre) to swell + -ulus -ule
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/ (ˈtjuːmjʊləs) /

noun plural -li (-liː)

archaeol (no longer in technical usage) another word for barrow 2

Word Origin for tumulus

C17: from Latin: a hillock, from tumēre to swell up
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