[too ng-goo-skuh; Russian toon-goo-skuh]


any of three tributaries of the Yenisei River in the central Russian Federation in Asia: the Lower Tunguska, 2000 miles (3220 km) long; the Upper Tunguska or the lower course of the Angara, 1151 miles (1855 km) long; and the Stony Tunguska, about 975 miles (1570 km) long.

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  • The Tunguska asteroid event was so unusual that witnesses believed it was a visitation from a vengeful god.

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any of three rivers in Russia, in central Siberia, all tributaries of the Yenisei: the Lower (Nizhnyaya) Tunguska 2690 km (1670 miles) long; the Stony (Podkamennaya) Tunguska 1550 km (960 miles) long; the Upper (Verkhnyaya) Tunguska which is the lower course of the Angara
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