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/ ˈtjuːnɪŋ /


  1. a set of pitches to which the open strings of a guitar, violin, etc, are tuned

    the normal tuning on a violin is G, D, A, E

  2. the accurate pitching of notes and intervals by a choir, orchestra, etc; intonation

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Example Sentences

Still, ESPN got its ratings, with 13.1 million people tuning in to the announcement.

Learn what your body requires by fine-tuning your hydration plan during your training runs.

Although polls now show Schwartz trailing, she insists there is still time and that people are just now tuning in.

Devotees across the country are tuning in each way to check the rose distribution against their carefully crafted brackets.

One thing I have a hard time tuning out is a cell phone conversation.

For further information regarding reeds see chapter on tuning.

The tuning of an organ is seriously affected by the temperature of the surrounding air.

Figure 31 may be taken to represent a reed block, eschallot, tongue and tuning wire at rest.

This bending of the tuning wires, however, takes place to a much larger extent than most organ builders imagine.

The inside bore of tube T is of such diameter that the tuning wire fits snugly therein.





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