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[ tur-boh ]


, plural tur·bos.
  1. Informal. turbocharger.
  2. an automobile powered by an internal-combustion engine equipped with a turbocharger.


  1. a combining form representing turbine in compound words:




  1. of, relating to, or driven by a turbine


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Word History and Origins

Origin of turbo1

1655–65, in sense “tornado”; 1900–05 turbo fordef 1; in part < Latin turbō top, whirlwind, in part by shortening of turbocharged ( def ) or turbocharger

Origin of turbo2

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Example Sentences

I listen to it all the time on the turbo trainer and when I’m out running.

From Digiday

There is a turbo button, but using it will eat up battery power.

The cordless blower has a battery life approaching half an hour without using turbo mode.

One of the secret weapons of this Völkl ski is an internal Titanal frame—the same as the Mantra 102—that runs the perimeter of the ski, fortifying edge grip and strengthening flex to add turbo to your turns the more you hit the gas.

So, for example, if the vacuum has a turbo mode, you won’t get as many minutes out of it.

As grown-ups without turbo-charged explosive arrows, we can only change the rules through politics.

Netflix releasing first five episodes of Dreamworks Animation collab Turbo FAST on Christmas Eve.

The Canadian-built Bombardier Q400 turbo-prop had an automatic stall-protection system.

By the time he had dragged himself down to the street level a turbo-truck had slammed to a stop in front of the loading platform.

Another tank is blown out and the turbo-fan set in motion till the tanks are soon quite empty.

The large tropical shells named Turbo have massive lids of considerable weight.

A genus of small fossil shells, described as resembling Turbo, but with the aperture more like that of Melania.

The turbo-generator should be lubricated by a small amount of black or engine oil, placed in the cup on the turbine or steam end.


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