turn tail

Run away, as in When they heard the sirens, the boys turned tail. This term alludes to an animal's turning its back in flight. [Mid-1500s]

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How to use turn tail in a sentence

  • Left without guidance a pony tends to edge more or less away from the wind, in order to turn tail to the weather.

    Blazed Trail Stories | Stewart Edward White
  • Far more would they have been pleased to see the animals turn tail, and make away from them.

    The Vee-Boers | Mayne Reid
  • It means he is going to turn tail, as I always thought he would,—the cursed cowardly traitor!

    The Rangers | D. P. Thompson
  • We'll not turn tail and run as the lobster backs did; but go out of here like men, if so be we may.

  • Theyll turn tail, and run a little way off after the crash of the gun inside here and seeing their mate keel over.