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turn against


  1. preposition to change or cause to change one's attitude so as to become hostile or to retaliate

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Idioms and Phrases

Become or make antagonistic to, as in Adolescents often turn against their parents, but only temporarily , or She turned him against his colleagues by telling him they were spying on him . [First half of 1800s]

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Example Sentences

The Washington Post ran a story called “Is the World Starting to Turn Against Bill Cosby?”

Photographs helped America get on board with civil rights and turn against the war in Vietnam.

Having claimed the legitimacy given him by huge support in the streets, al Sisi banned demonstrations that might turn against him.

Imagine a world where public opinion takes a sharp turn against say, fracking.

Beholden to a base that, like a capricious autocrat, will turn against them at the slightest provocation.

Too many chances are against the climbers; too many contingencies may turn against them.

It was a long and terrible combat, but it began to turn against Fasold.

His principal witness has run away, his old friends all turn against him, and circumstantial evidence doesn't befriend him.

Mère Bauche,” said the capitaine, sipping his coffee and puffing out the smoke of his cigar, “Adolphe will not turn against us.

In Mrs. Stickles he knew he would have one champion at least, though all the others should turn against him.


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