[ turn-uh-bout ]
/ ˈtɜrn əˌbaʊt /


the act of turning in a different or opposite direction.
a change of opinion, loyalty, etc.
a reciprocal action; act of doing to someone exactly as that person has done to oneself or another: Turnabout is fair play.
a person who changes things; a radical.
Chiefly British. merry-go-round.

Origin of turnabout

First recorded in 1590–1600; noun use of verb phrase turn about
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Examples from the Web for turnabout

  • In the course of its fighting the monster may have to turnabout.

    War and the Future|H. G. Wells
  • That is—until there was a question of turnabout being fair play in a world where natives took their skinning literally!

    Skin Game|Charles E. Fritch
  • Turnabout may not always be fair play in the gulfs between the stars.

    No Hiding Place|Richard R. Smith

British Dictionary definitions for turnabout

/ (ˈtɜːnəˌbaʊt) /


the act of turning so as to face a different direction
a change or reversal of opinion, attitude, etc
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