[ tuhs-kuh-loo-suh ]


  1. a city in W Alabama.

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Example Sentences

Richardson, who makes the 40-mile trip from his home in Tuscaloosa four days a week, took the position after losing his job at an auto-parts-maker when its plant shut down.

Saban is a defensive coach by trade, but even he understood that the path to his sixth title in Tuscaloosa wasn’t by putting eight men in the box on defense.

This one went to a player who then hugged his teammate Jones, on site with Smith in Tuscaloosa, and then hugged his coach, Nick Saban, from whom all Crimson Tide blessings flow.

The Tuscaloosa native was among the first to make art photographs in color and with a consumer-grade camera.

It’s also enough to wonder if Joe Burrow’s storyline has found a new host in Tuscaloosa.

Recently, ProPublica wrote a deep and haunting exposition on the re-segregation of schools in the South, including Tuscaloosa.

Last year, Mercedes, whose largest U.S. plant is in Tuscaloosa, Ala., invested $350 million in the facility.

In an early 1990s, as a still-recent transplant to America, Huang drove from Tuscaloosa to Buffalo and passed Canton, Ohio.

We had left Tuscaloosa in a heavy rain-storm, escorted to the steamboat—some two miles—by the Montgomery Guards.

From Tuscaloosa, he shot athwart the wilds of Alabama, over Indian grounds, that bloody battles have rendered ever memorable.

I have learned of only two such cases; one was in Tuscaloosa County.

Tuscaloosa County, the location of the State University, is said to have suffered worst of all.

Stillman Institute was established by the southern Presbyterians at Tuscaloosa in 1876.