tusser (ˈtʌsə) or mainly US tussah (ˈtʌsə)

/ (tʊˈsɔː, ˈtʌsə) /

  1. a strong coarse brownish Indian silk obtained from the cocoons of an Oriental saturniid silkworm, Antheraea paphia

  2. a fabric woven from this silk

  1. the silkworm producing this silk

Origin of tussore

C17: from Hindi tasar shuttle, from Sanskrit tasara a wild silkworm

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How to use tussore in a sentence

  • He made her his bow, plying a broad straw hat and a billowy handkerchief of tussore silk.

  • Then you've got your new tussore with the blue collar and waistband.

    Emily Fox-Seton | Frances Hodgson Burnett
  • Kemps and tussore were given their liberty soon after corn planting time.

  • Nothing further is recorded as to the fate of tussore, sometimes called Kinsock.

  • Hilda's is a tussore silk, frightfully sweet, and I had a blouse with a lot of Carrickmacross lace on it.

    Lalage's Lovers | George A. Birmingham