or tus·seh

[ tuhs-uh ]
/ ˈtʌs ə /


a tan silk from India.Compare Shantung(def 2a).
the silkworm of an oriental moth of the genus Antheraea, as A. mylitta, that produces this silk.
Also tus·ser, tus·sor, tus·sur [tuhs-er] /ˈtʌs ər/, tus·sore [tuhs-awr, -ohr] /ˈtʌs ɔr, -oʊr/.

Origin of tussah

1580–90; earlier tusser < Hindi tasar shuttle < Sanskrit tasara, trasara kind of silkworm
Also called wild silk.
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tusser (ˈtʌsə) or mainly US tussah (ˈtʌsə)

/ (tʊˈsɔː, ˈtʌsə) /


a strong coarse brownish Indian silk obtained from the cocoons of an Oriental saturniid silkworm, Antheraea paphia
a fabric woven from this silk
the silkworm producing this silk

Word Origin for tussore

C17: from Hindi tasar shuttle, from Sanskrit tasara a wild silkworm
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