[ taf-i-tuh ]
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  1. a medium-weight or light-weight fabric of acetate, nylon, rayon, or silk, usually smooth, crisp, and lustrous, plain-woven, and with a fine crosswise rib effect.

  2. any of various other fabrics of silk, linen, wool, etc., in use at different periods.

  1. of or resembling taffeta.

Origin of taffeta

1325–75; Middle English taffata<Medieval Latin ≪ Persian tāftah silken or linen cloth, noun use of past participle of tāftan to twist, spin

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  • taffeta is one of the oldest weaves known, silk under this name having been in constant use since the fourteenth century.

    Textiles | William H. Dooley

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/ (ˈtæfɪtə) /

    • a crisp lustrous plain-weave silk, rayon, etc, used esp for women's clothes

    • (as modifier): a taffeta petticoat

  1. any of various similar fabrics

Origin of taffeta

C14: from Medieval Latin taffata, from Persian tāftah spun, from tāftan to spin

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