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[twee-yair, too-, tweer; French ty-yer]
noun, plural tu·yères [twee-yairz, too-, tweerz; French ty-yer] /twiˈyɛərz, tu-, twɪərz; French tüˈyɛr/. Metallurgy.
  1. an opening through which the blast of air enters a blast furnace, cupola, forge, or the like, to facilitate combustion.
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Also tu·yer [twee-yair, too-, tweer] /twiˈyɛər, tu-, twɪər/.

Origin of tuyère

1665–75; < French, derivative of tuyau pipe < Germanic
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Historical Examples

  • The tuyere for a furnace-blast found at Fasagh (see illustration) is another evidence of that skill.

    Gairloch In North-West Ross-Shire

    John H. Dixon, F.S.A. Scot

  • The harder the air is driven into the fire above the tuyere the more oxygen is furnished and the hotter the fire becomes.

  • Directly below the tuyere is an opening through which the ashes that drop from the fire may be cleaned out.

  • The steam enters through the tubulure, A, and finds its way around the periphery of a tuyere, D.

  • The air necessary for the combustion is sucked through the interior of the nozzle, H, which is in front of the tuyere.

British Dictionary definitions for tuyere


twyer (ˈtwaɪə)

  1. a water-cooled nozzle through which air is blown into a cupola, blast furnace, or forge
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Word Origin

C18: from French, from tuyau pipe, from Old French tuel, probably of Germanic origin
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