[ twuhz, twoz; unstressed twuhz ]

  1. contraction of it was.

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How to use 'twas in a sentence

  • Twas little respect they ever had for myself, and always said that I was only fit to be used for sausages, anyway.

  • Certainely!And from this prison twas the sonnes requestThat his deare father might interment haue.

    The Fatal Dowry | Philip Massinger
  • Twas inevitable that they should pry and surmise––surmising much more than they dared pry.

  • Twas her way: thus in a flash to pass from nay to yea without mistrust or lingering.

  • Twas fallen into dusk: the hills were turning shapeless in the night, the glow all fled from the sky, the sea gone black.

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/ (twɒz, unstressed twəz) poetic, or dialect /

contraction of
  1. it was

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