[ tweed-l ]
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verb (used without object),twee·dled, twee·dling.
  1. to produce high-pitched, modulated sounds, as a singer, bird, or musical instrument.

  2. to perform lightly upon a musical instrument.

verb (used with object),twee·dled, twee·dling.
  1. to lure by or as by music: The Pied Piper tweedled the children into following him.

Origin of tweedle

First recorded in 1675–85; imitative

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How to use tweedle in a sentence

  • Hyder iddle diddle dell, A yard of pudding is not an ell; Not forgetting tweedle-dye, A tailor's goose will never fly.

  • It was clearly more than the difference twixt tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee.

  • Mrs. tweedle told me not to come home without bringing your story.

    That Fortune | Charles Dudley Warner
  • Who would complete the pair by being tweedle-dee 105 no one had been able to coax from her.

    A Dixie School Girl | Gabrielle E. Jackson
  • The Frenchman, after passing the suburbs, took out his violin and amused himself with humming to his own tweedle-tweedle.

    Arthur Mervyn | Charles Brockden Brown