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[adjective twelv-fohld; adverb twelv-fohld]
  1. having twelve sections, aspects, divisions, kinds, etc.
  2. being twelve times more, larger, greater, etc., as a given quantity size, intensity, or the like.
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  1. twelve times in amount or degree: Its potential destructive power was increased twelvefold.
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Origin of twelvefold

First recorded in 1550–60, twelvefold is from the Old English word twelf-feald. See twelve, -fold
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Examples from the Web for twelvefold

Historical Examples

  • By this twelvefold number therefore the orb of the whole earth is now signified.

    The Homilies of the Anglo-Saxon Church


  • But this twelvefold number is set for all mankind of all the orb, for the perfectness of its signification.

  • In the same period exports of hams and shoulders to France increased more than twelvefold and to Great Britain more than a third.

  • These Reflexionen recognise only the categories of relation, and must therefore be prior to the twelvefold classification.

  • Who knows how many thousand years ago The twelvefold Zodiac was made to show The course of stars above and men below?

    Golden Stars

    Henry Van Dyke