[ twen-tee-sek-uhnd, twuhn- ]


  1. next after the twenty-first; being the ordinal number for 22.
  2. being one of 22 equal parts.


  1. a twenty-second part, especially of one (1/22).
  2. the twenty-second member of a series.

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Example Sentences

The Golden Girls can make you giggle, then wipe a tear, in a twenty-second span.

In 1995, Mitch McConnell introduced his own resolution to repeal the Twenty-Second Amendment in the Senate.

The Twenty-Second Amendment introduced term limits for the presidency.

On the twenty-second it was washed, and for the second time a small grain of gold was obtained of the weight of one-quarter real.

See the statistical inquiries summarised in the Twenty-second Annual Report, 1869-70, pp.

The night of May twenty-second was the beginning of such bitterness for the French emperor as he had not yet tasted.

During the afternoon of April twenty-second the Germans, for the first time in the history of warfare, used poisonous gas.

On the night of April twenty-second, General Alderson and his officers saw that the situation was desperate.





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