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  1. interwoven or combined by winding together, as strands or threads; formed in this way:It was Roebling who invented the twisted wire cable used in bridge supports.

  2. altered in shape by turning the ends in opposite directions, forming a spiral:To remove an object from inside the lower eyelid, wet the end of a twisted piece of tissue and touch it to the object.

  1. turned sharply or wrenched out of place; injured in this way:I hadn't touched a skateboard in almost a year because of a twisted ankle.

  2. (of a person’s features) distorted or contorted by tensing or contracting the facial muscles:He made a twisted face as he bent down to look at the disgusting mess.

  3. (of words) having the meaning distorted or perverted:It is a sad day when outright lies and twisted words triumph over truth.

  4. mentally or emotionally distorted; warped:It's perverse logic, but it explains how someone with a twisted mind can have a clear conscience.

  5. tortuously bent out of shape:The twisted steel wreckage of the sunken ship can be seen in this sonar image.

  6. taking a winding, curving, or bending course:Twisted vines curl, bend, and overlap while growing side by side.It's by a long and twisted path that I've been led to this moment.

  1. the simple past tense and past participle of twist.

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  • twist·ed·ly, adverb

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