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[ twis-ting ]


  1. the act of squirming or turning about; wiggling:

    Her restless twisting disturbed the bedsheets.

  2. the act or practice of tricking the holder of a life insurance policy into switching to a policy from a new company that is less advantageous for them.


  1. characterized by being twisted; winding:

    The twisting corridors were impossible to navigate.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of twisting1

First recorded in 1905–10; twist + -ing 1

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Example Sentences

Its gauge of 14 AWG is well above the industry average cable thickness, making it more likely to survive repeated kinking and twisting.

We’ve been forced to cope almost constantly with the twisting, morphing uncertainties that life has thrown at us.

One flip One twist She competed this version with a tucked full twist, as well as a Yurchenko vault with a layout and no twisting.

Through its 500-plus pages, Clinton and Patterson’s novel puts their respective expertise to good use in a twisting plot.

From Time

Wire warehouse racks upheld corridors of glass jars, the twisting orange fingers of Cordyceps growing atop cakes of myceliated rice.

Here, only the twisting grey concrete under his tires disturbed the desolate wild.

The book becomes so dramatic and twisting, the ending—how she ends it--is key.

Then a larger-scale map revealed a twisting, narrow road up to the Col de Lizarrieta, at around 1,300 feet.

Titanic sat in the rear of the room, twisting his fingers nervously, till he was called.

Don't think it's an easy trip, the twisting mountain passes inevitably slow you down.

Ripperda's equipage wound down a long and twisting defile between two precipitous rocks.

He had a waxed mustache which he was in the habit of twisting whenever in deep thought.

The labor in pressing and twisting is entirely done by hand, and attended to with the most scrupulous care.

Up and up went the trail, twisting back and forth in long horseshoe curves.

Bud, twisting his head, saw a pair of slippered feet beside the running board.





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