[ twikst ]

  1. contraction of betwixt.

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How to use 'twixt in a sentence

  • Even with a script that you love, on the page there is 'many a slip twixt cup and lip.'

  • I reckon I knows de diffrence twixt quality an de yether kind.

    Three Little Women | Gabrielle E. Jackson
  • Dis heer missury dun und cum erbout twixt Hanner und de debbil; dats de how.

    The Broken Sword | Dennison Worthington
  • I gin mars jedge my solum wurd dat I wudn't woice dat diffikilt twixt me und him to man nur cattle beastis nudder.

    The Broken Sword | Dennison Worthington
  • Miss Alice is ergwine ter stan twixt yu und de jedge, dats who.

    The Broken Sword | Dennison Worthington
  • "If it's any convenience to you, sir," and showed the rim of a gold piece 'twixt finger and thumb.

    Rhoda Fleming, Complete | George Meredith

British Dictionary definitions for 'twixt


contraction of
  1. betwixt

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