[ too-neym ]
/ ˈtuˌneɪm /


(of commercial paper) having more than one obligor, usually a maker and endorser, both of whom are fully liable.

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Examples from the Web for two-name

  • It will thus be a two-name bill, and not an individual promissory note.

    Readings in Money and Banking|Chester Arthur Phillips
  • Two-name paper is mostly confined to commercial transactions.

    Readings in Money and Banking|Chester Arthur Phillips
  • I don't know even the name of your new outfit yet, but I'll take a chance on one piece of two-name paper, anyhow.

    The Real Man|Francis Lynde
  • Thus Linnaeus became the acknowledged originator of the binomial (two-name) system of nomenclature now in use in all sciences.

    Trees Worth Knowing|Julia Ellen Rogers